The goal behind FOSS Bridge – Boosting Cooperation through Free and Open Source Software FOSS

The main goal of FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” – Joint Business through Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)” is to strengthen Southeast Asian software industries and to boost co-operation with Europe through innovative collaboration on FOSS and business development.

Building the FOSS Bridge between Europe and Vietnam

What FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” offers:

  • to European and Vietnamese IT-companies — twinning between Europe and Asia FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” organizes dedicated matchmaking and twinning for your FOSS-company, which brings you together with selected small to medium IT-enterprises (SMEs) from the other country/region. Your developers/FOSS experts have the opportunity to collaborate on joint software projects, thereby boosting the sharing of technological know-how, the exchange of best practices and development of joint business. You are twinned through several face-to-face meetings and training sessions in Vietnam and online collaboration.
  • to FOSS- intermediary in Vietnam — expert knowledge on innovative business models and EU-regulations FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” offers training and information on technical regulations to intermediary and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of FOSS in Vietnam. The focus lies on establishing innovative business models for potential use in Vietnam, providing crucial knowledge on regulations and requirements to access the European marketplace.
  • to Network Partners — access to a new FOSS-network and ecosystem FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam” fosters collaboration on FOSS between Vietnamese and European companies through the use of virtual networks. This system contributes to a sustainable FOSS ecosystem involving multiple stakeholders and networks from Europe and Asia. The project gives network partners the opportunity to involve their members in exclusive twinning and networking activities. Thereby the networks have the opportunity to expand their community and gain access to a larger number of developers.

Furthermore, the initiative is actively looking for media and networking partners to promote the idea of FOSS Bridge “EU-Vietnam”. The project offers interesting advantages for networking partners, such as promotion, exclusive media relationships and more.