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IoT Products & Services

IoT Products & Services


Collect environmental data, control robots and make music with the Pocket Science Lab or set it up for automation processes

Use the Pocket Science Lab at home or for industry applications

With the Pocket Science Lab hardware we want to enable everyone from consumers to industry to collect measurements and data to solve global problems with science. The device comes with a built-in Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Wave Generator, Logic Analyzer, Power Source, Robot control and we are constantly adding more digital instruments and hardware extensions like a Spectrometer module. With PSLab applications a phone or PC becomes like many devices in one. Deploying PSLabs in IoT platforms and networks in the industry reduces costs due to its standard compliant APIs and many available open source applications. The device is developed at OPNTEC in cooperation with the FOSSASIA community.
Keysight Technologies uses the PSLab in conjunction with its OpenTap product to train customers and staff in the industry on three continents. The PSLab enables Keysight to onboard clients around the world.


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IoT Products and Services

IoT Software Development

Our software development team creates IoT solutions with a new customer experience and a secure & highly functional end-to-end services. We develop all software components from the firmware to web and Android apps. Popular components include our Python libraries that can easily be integrated in existing in-house solutions.

IoT Hardware Development

To provide flexible and secure IoT solutions our hardware engineering team collaborates with partners and the open source community around the world.

IoT Home Automation

IoT home automation is the ability to control domestic appliances by electronically controlled, internet-connected systems. Users are able to control heating and lighting systems, set alarms and home security controls. We develop and deploy secure open source solutions for control hubs.

IoT Machine Monitoring

OPNTEC provides solutions for IoT machine monitoring based on open source. Effectively meet your product deliveries. Understand the real-time status of your factories and machines, and diagnose performance issues. Apply predictive analytics to the health of your factory, products, and machines, to get recommendations and take action.

Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) takes networked sensors and intelligent devices and puts those technologies to use directly on the manufacturing floor, collecting data to drive artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Digital Twin of the Product and the Process

We provide business consultancy and solutions around two main megatrends: Digital Twin of the Product and Digital Twin of the Process.

Digital Factories

Digital factories with open source IoT solutions have large potential to create your success in the next level of technological development. Process integration from R&D, to product management, sales, production, and service can be automated on a new degree.

Prototype and Production Runs

A prototype is the first, crucial step to building an Internet of Things product. The purpose of building a prototype of your IoT product is manifold: to test the concept with your target audience, to check that the technical requirements match your expectations, and ultimately to validate your business case. OPNTEC supports you from development to large production runs.