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Products & Solutions

Products and Solutions

Collect data with our IoT products, analyze it and automate processes with Artificial Intelligence.

15Years’ Experience in IT

We have Lot’s of Success Stories

OPNTEC specializes in IoT products and AI solutions. We are engineering both software and hardware, building distributed IoT networks and automate processes with Artificial Intelligence.

We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fits your demand, while assisting you with building customer trust.
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Best Practices

Management Goals

By using our open source approach we are providing solutions faster due to shorter development times and ensure increased security due to expert reviews.

Efficient Transformation Services

During business transformations, there are possibilities for errors, but our experience combined with technology solutions we offer spares no room for that.

Reliable Technology and Services

Your company can count on OPNTEC for all things related to IoT hardware, data management, infrastructure design, AI analytics and process automation.

Highly Professional Staff

We follow best practices in the industry and work according to open source collaboration norms which results in fast and professional services. We connect with in-house teams through an InnerSource approach. Our staff has obtained official & formal training in IT technology and development.

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