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International Postal Services Provider

Setting up the IT infrastructure with customized Linux thin clients for an International Postal Services Company in Vietnam


A leading European postal service company in Vietnam, specializing in Data Processing, Complex Business Process Outsourcing, Software Development and IT Operational Services was planning to expand its large-scale offices and set up its infrastructure using open source.

Eden Dang

/ Consultant – OPNTEC
The leading postal service company already had a large office in Ho Chi Minh city. Main operations depended on only one location. The decision was made to decentralize operations and open additional service offices with 500 office workers each using open source software and customized Linux on each workplace.
Client International Postal Services Provider
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Our solution

Work stations used different operating systems and configurations. This resulted in additional overhead for each operating systems for example for applications used across the company, network configurations etc. Additionally each proprietary OS needed a license. Keeping track of machines and licenses was problematic as there was no license management across the company.
The solution proposed was to switch all work stations to a customized Linux distribution. Most staff only needed a limited number of applications in their daily work. In order to be able to update machines quickly we created a custom distribution flow with Clonezilla.
Similar to the large diversity of operating systems the number of different hardware setups was big. This resulted in a lot of resources to maintain all work stations, for example storage for different spare parts and additional human resources for maintenance. Some of the work stations used a lot of energy and heated up easily which was a challenge for the AC.
We proposed the usage of thin clients with SD company-wide. The thin clients were imported from Taiwan and set up in the entire company.


The implemented solution with a standardized Linux OS customized for the company in conjunction with the introduction of company-wide thin clients reduced the complexity of IT solutions in the company. Less human resources are needed to maintain the infrastructure. Additionally energy-consumption of work stations was reduced as well as the consumption through the air condition system through lower heat from PCs.

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