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Interactive virtual event solution accessible from across Asia including China


The development of the Internet has changed the way we communicate, educate, entertain and do business. Access to the Internet varies in different regions due to limited bandwidth or for political reasons. This makes it challenging to run online events across countries.

Eden Dang

/ Consultant OPNTEC
The prospects for running events cross-country are challenging. Intergovernmental organisations like the UNESCO need a solution that works everywhere in order to fulfill their objectives.
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Our solution

Running a virtual event with participants from more than 30 countries is a challenge as some countries are restricting access to web services.
Develop and setup an open source event solution that can take care of registration and listing of event activities.
There is no video solution that is used across regions and does not require an additional registration or login.
We implemented an integration between the event registration application and the open source video system BigBlueButton. We scheduled test and intro meetings with participants and the event team.
Event organizers wish to make the event documentation available after an event without having to maintain a content management system.
We developed a web application to automatically generate a static website with the information of the event including speakers, schedule, video links and more.


The event attracted more than 400 International participants from 28 countries. The implementation convinced a number of partners to get on board and sponsor the event and future activities.

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